1. What is COVID19 Pandemic?

​2. Why is my massage or osteopathic appointments canceled?

  • In an effort to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Ontario has extended the Declaration of Emergency until May 12, 2020. The closure of non-essential businesses, put in place under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act has currently been extended until April 23, 2020 (and may be extended past this date and that is why for now the clinic is tenatively planning to open May 13, 2020).

  • The guidance for Massage Therapists (MTs/RMTs) remains as follows: under the non-essential business closure all healthcare professionals are restricted from providing anything other than emergency/urgent care. RMTs should not practice because the practice of Massage Therapy is not emergency/urgent care. (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario)


3. Can I still make appointments now after your scheduled re-opening.

4. I injured myself and I need assistance. Can I call you?

  • Massage Therapy treatment, while an important part of one’s overall health, is not considered emergency/urgent care. CMTO’s position is that RMTs should not practise at this time. CMTO does not view the practice of Massage Therapy as emergency/urgent care.

  • CMTO expects RMTs to comply with all government and public health recommendations to slow the spread of COVID-19. Circumstances will continue to change and CMTO’s position may evolve, especially as new guidance is provided by the Government of Ontario.

  • Osteopathic Manual Practice is similar to Massage Therapy where in we cannot provide in-person treatments.  In the case that you need more assistance with your present health care situation, please call your doctor for assistance.  

  • Telepractice is another option where other physiotherapist are offering this service.  Telepractice is the use of telecommunications technology such as Video conferencing e.g. Zoom meeting where assessment and treatments are performed by giving exercises or home care to help with your muskuloskeletal problem.  Telehealth treatment plan might include: assessment, guidance for client self-care, for example self-administered soft tissue techniques, and would include client educated onhow to perfomr these techniques appropriately.  You should call your insureance provider to check if osteopathic manual practitioner is covered under Telehealth before making an appointment.

5.  Should I call to make an appointment?

  • Since we are relying on the Government's official announcement of non-essential services for business to open, we will call you as soon as we have the official date.  However, please email if you would like to remind us to book you an appointment.

6.  What can you advise us during this time of COVID19?

  • We are here to remind everyone to be safe and follow the COVID19 guidelines.  Get proper rest, eat healthier, make sure you are hydrated, do some exercises even just walking provided again you are following the social distancing. Please visit our facebook page for continous social media update!

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