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Offer ends October 31, 2022

We welcome Matt McCallum, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Lisa Nikolaou, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Matt and Lisa are all taking new patients. NEW SERVICES: Fascial Stretching Therapy. Also check Custom Orthotics & Holistic Nutritional Consultation. Please call us to book for an appointment.

We now require credit card information when doing online booking. You will automatically be charged when you do not show up for your appointment. Your cc information is safely saved in STRIPE and will only be used for a NO SHOW appointments. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that we require 48 hours cancellation notice. If you are cancelling less than 48 hours, please call us at 519-938-5555 or send us an Email. You will no longer receive a COVID19 screening two hours before your appointment. If you personally screened COVID19 positive on the day of your appointment, you still have to call us to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged a cancelation fee.  Thank you for your understanding.  


COVID Update: With masking mandates being lifted provincially on June 11, 2022, OWC wanted to give you an update on what to expect when you attend your appointment.

  • Although masks are no longer mandatory, due to the significant amount of time we spend with you in close proximity, our clinic policy is to recommend our patients continue to wear masks for the health and safety of our patients and practitioners.
  • Our practitioners will be wearing their masks during treatment and consultations.
  • COVID19 Pre-screening questionnaires are no longer necessary (you will not get an email for COVID19 screening), but we do ask that if you are not feeling well, let us know so that we may reschedule your appointment. You still have to call us to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged a No Show fee.

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you.


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Too many people are struggling with nagging injuries and pain.
We offer the treatment you need so that you can feel amazing again and enjoy everyday life.

We Go Deeper Than The Surface

We Educate
Ourselves and you for what you need
We Prevent
Further pain by using the necessary treatments
We Create
A plan that is suitable for your body
Our Team Is Dedicated to Your Comfort and Health

Orangeville Wellness Clinic is a group of Registered Massage Therapists and Osteopathic Manual Practitioners in downtown Orangeville.  We offer osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture (within the scope of massage therapy), Muscle Activation Techniques and Kinesiotaping.  

The clinic offers wide range of treatments from therapeutic, relaxation, deep tissue to clinical treatments that addresses different conditions such as acute and chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries, prenatal care, paediatric and many more.


We Empower You To Live The Healthy, Confident Life

Our approach is prevention by educating our clients about their condition, providing home exercises and self care.  We specialize on treating common chronic conditions such as low back pain, rotator cuff/ shoulder injuries, tendonitis, lympathic drainage and pregnancies.

We also offer Hot Stone Massage, and Table Thai Massage, Cupping Thai Hot Stem, and Indian Head massage.

It's time for you to experience life free from pain again.

Failure to book an appointment has consequences. It's good to warn people about them here.

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